Ignes Fatui

Director: Serpahine de Villecourt
Producer: Michael L. Reiseneder
Refos Film Productions / Refos Entertainment Group
Drama / Romance / History: 126 Minuten

Imagine the Past - the sights and sounds of a city famed for its massive defense, its architectural masterpieces, magnificent palaces, domes and towers; a vibrant cultural city containing numerous artistic and literary treasures -- capture the exotic smells and the atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar in the capital city of the ancient Byzantine Empire, the Latin and the Ottoman Empire - in truth, the largest city of the Roman Empire and of the world - Constantinople - gateway between Orient and Occident.

Sold by her family from a poor village, Faina - a bright, imaginative little girl - is purchased by the harem's Aga and brought to the Imperial Residence on the Bosphorus. We are in the last days of the reign of Sultan Mustafa IV.

The wide courtyards of the Topkapi Palace are unknown territory for her but she follows her instinct for survival and quickly learns the rules - the most vital lesson of the Saray: Trust no one but yourself! 

Faina grows up to become a beautiful young woman, trapped between two cultures, in the mystic Seraglio of Mahmud II, the Reformer. Determined to regain her freedom she must risk everything, even her life --

And, the adventure has only just begun!